About Náchod castle

The Náchod Castle on the border between Czechia and Poland was founded as a gothic castle in the middle of the 13th century, later rebuilt in renaissance style and then modified in baroque style. Among the most well-known owners of Náchod castle belong Czech kings, the Smiričtí from Smiřice, the Italian family Piccolomini, Courland and Sagan family and the German princely family Schaumburg-Lippe.

Náchod Castle is an extensive building complex with five courtyards, located on the border between the Czech Republic and Poland. It offers two guided tours, and a tower with a dungeon and a cellar.

Visit the castle bears. In 1994 a bear enclosure for the brown bears Louis and Dasa (+2023) was established, in the original moat of Náchod Castle. Today it is the largest bear enclosure in the Czech Republic.